Zone5 2015

14 – 17  August 2015 – Scroll down for full programme.

Usurp Art Gallery & Studio
140 Vaughan Road
London HA1 4EB

14, 15, 16 Aug: Screenings:  7.30pm – 9.30pm. Spatial sound explorations, post-internet performative actions, meaning finding/meaning making idiosyncrasies, cinematic and televisual contexts, film and video semiotics, allusions to gaming, advertising and internet art. All nights fully booked.

14 – 17 Aug: Exhibition films – Free from 3pm to 6pm. Think – abstract, absurd, activist, animated, asemic, clandestine, collage, conceptual, cut-ups, environment, experimental, glitch, graffiti,  graphic, identity, kinetic, outsider, paracinematic, performance, plunderphonic, poetry, radio, rebellious, scores, sci-art, scratch, silent, sonic, subterranean, subversive, surreal, synesthetic, typographic, video art…
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17 Aug:  Film soundtrack and projection night: 7.30pm – 10.30pm – Free.
Mixing it up from the eclectic Usurp vinyl collection of film soundtracks and spoken word with projections on the shop front of a selection from the exhibition. We will be spinning eclectic cuts from all eras and countries. All welcome – refreshments will be available.

The UsurpZone5 Film Festival is the first experimental film and video festival in the London Borough of Harrow. Usurp Art’s open call received over 460 compelling submissions, from every continent and over 60 countries. This ambitious festival highlights the politics of DIY creativity at a time of cuts and austerity. The programming for the festival employs an experimental process that breaks with conventional curatorial authorship and fosters a more democratic spectatorship, enabling viewers/audiences to create their own surprise links, chance connections and perceptual analysis. The Usurp Zone5 Film Festival transforms the Usurp Art space into a suggestive interface – a communal, intimate living room in which to be inspired, reflect and share.

14 Aug Films

7.30pm to 9.30pm (inc. intervals). Screenings in running order.

This night is fully booked.


from 'How She Sees What She Sees'  by Zachary Finkelstein

from ‘How She Sees What She Sees’ by Zachary Finkelstein

How She Sees What She Sees – Zachary Finkelstein | 3:00 | Canada
Shot on hi-con reversal 16mm, made and edited completely in-camera and hand processed. How She Sees What She Sees is an exercise in perception based on exploring the visual limitations of the filmaker’s infant daughter’s visual experience.

from 'Taklif' by Maryam Tafakory

from ‘Taklif’ by Maryam Tafakory

Taklif – Maryam Tafakory | 10:00 | Britain
An abstract yet lyrical story of religion as forced into a girl’s life, seen from the innocent perspective of the child. It conveys the violence of early marriage and rites of passage, as faced by pre-pubescent girls in an Islamic context.

from 'Against My Better Judgement' by Matthias Kispert

from ‘Against My Better Judgement’ by Matthias Kispert

Against My Better Judgement – Matthias Kispert | 3:35 | Britain
Made from the unedited promotional material of a company specialising in product placement and extracts from a documentary in which a well-known film director is relating his experience of filming in a hostile natural environment, the viewer is invited to re-examine their own position in relation to the pervasive visual paradigms shown on screen.

from 'This is Britain' by Pablo Saura

from ‘This is Britain’ by Pablo Saura

This Is Britain – Pablo Saura | 3:44 | Britain
A virtual safari tour through the different urban landscapes of the United Kingdom, that takes footage from Google Streets View and combines it with a voice over inspired by Jorgen Leth’s ‘The Perfect Human’.

from 'The King's Hand'  by Sedi Ghadiri

from ‘The King’s Hand’ by Sedi Ghadiri

The King’s Hand – Sedi Ghadiri | 10:00 | Iran, Britain
A non-conventional film that aims to reflect the political perspective of the Iranian leftists, who supported a Mullah as an alternative to replace the monarchy and ended up in exile when the new system turned into yet another dictatorship. The poetic scenes render the notion of powerlessness and absurdity of human behavior.

from "The Stream 4' by Hiroya Sakurai

from “The Stream 4′ by Hiroya Sakurai

The Stream 4 – Hiroya Sakurai | 5:35 | Japan
A musical using the sound and movement of flowing water. Bubbles, waterweeds, fish and floaters are the melancholic performers. A waterproof camera was placed at the bottom of a river with the lens looking upwards to the sky.

from 'FU377' by  Neelu Bhuman

from ‘FU377’ by Neelu Bhuman

FU377 – Neelu Bhuman | 5:00 | Britain, United States, India
While the Indian Supreme Court tries to outlaw homosexuality, an adorable mother has her knowledge of ‘gay sex’ in mint condition, wheeling out a tidbit or two for her heartbroken queer daughter in an effort to cheer her up.

from 'I was five when I became a woman' by  Maryam Tafakory

from ‘I was five when I became a woman’ by Maryam Tafakory

I was five when I became a woman, Maryam Tafakory | 5:00 | Britain
An emotional tapestry that invites you to briefly share the life long torment of genital mutilation still forced upon many young girls around the world.

from 'Cape_Mongo(VHS) by Francois_Knoetze

from ‘Cape_Mongo(VHS) by Francois_Knoetze

Cape Mongo VHS – Francois Knoetze | 5:00 | South Africa
Characters are followed as they journey through the city of Cape Town. Each ‘Mongo’ character is made from the city’s discarded waste – mythical ‘trash creatures’ which have emerged from the growing dumps of consumer culture. The creatures revisit the spaces of their imagined pasts – the locations associated with their material existence and the constitution of their social relations – as if walking against the consumer-driven currents of city.

from 'Cubiculum Umbrae' by Richard Ashrowan

from ‘Cubiculum Umbrae’ by Richard Ashrowan

Cubiculum Umbrae – Richard Ashrowan | 8:00 | Scotland
Shot on b/w 16mm with a bolex on a residency/voyage around Svalbard / Spitzbergen in the high arctic. Soundtrack by canadian sound artist Nick Kuepfer. There is a critique of sorts on the presence of cameras in such places, and on their hunger for images. Somehow, the experience seemed diminished in the fixed quality of the shuttered images… and of a kind of seeing mediated by cameras. Cubiculum umbrae might be translated as ‘chamber shadows’, referring perhaps to the dark chamber within a camera, or it might also mean ‘bedroom shadows’… ‘camera’ of course also means bedroom or chamber. The experience was claustrophobic, dangerous.

from 'Free Movements by Mikhail Basov

from ‘Free Movements by Mikhail Basov

Free movements – Mikhail Basov | 5:52 | Russia
Elm seeds, that cover the streets in the spring, perform their dance bending to the will of wind and randomness. But one seed does not want to be a guest at this ball and dances against all the physical laws.

from 'Why There Are All Those Signs In Galleries Warning You Not To Touch The Artwork' by Molly Brown

from ‘Why There Are All Those Signs In Galleries Warning You Not To Touch The Artwork’ by Molly Brown

Why There Are All Those Signs In Galleries Warning You Not To Touch The Artwork – Molly Brown | 0:21 | Britain
Have you ever wondered why there are all those signs in galleries warning you not to touch the artwork? This is why.





15 Aug Films

7.30pm to 9.30pm (inc. intervals). Screenings in running order.

This night is fully booked.


from 'A Partial History of the Natural World, 1965 by Sasha Waters Freyer

from ‘A Partial History of the Natural World, 1965 by Sasha Waters Freyer

A Partial History of the Natural World, 1965 – Sasha Waters Freyer | 6:45 | United States
A meditative exploration of the violent struggle for independence in southeast Asia and butterfly metamorphosis. Framed by excerpts from Sylvia Plath’s poem ‘Tulips,’ A Partial History of the Natural World, 1965, reminds us that comfort is a privilege and denial of the suffering of others is not an option. With a live 1965 performance of Bartok’s Solo for Violin 3.

from 'Simulacra' by Theo Tagholm

from ‘Simulacra’ by Theo Tagholm

Simulacra – Theo Tagholm | 3:47 | Britain
A simulacra of nature. The photograph skims across the skin of reality.

from 'Retail Therapy' by Marko Schiefelbein

from ‘Retail Therapy’ by Marko Schiefelbein

Retail Therapy – Marko Schiefelbein | 4:33 | Germany
A visual reenactment of commercials from the ’80s that were named to be memorable for several people who are affected by a compulsive buying disorder. On the contrary to the originals, the spoken text was replaced by the artist with confessions from interviews of shopping addicts. The work RETAIL THERAPY asks in what way and to what extent compulsive buying disorder is triggered by the advertising industry.

from 'Backward Run' by   Ayce KARTAL

from ‘Backward Run’ by Ayce KARTAL

Backward Run – Ayce Kartal | 4:00 | France
June 2013. Demonstrators occupy Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park. While the tension and police brutality rise in the streets, the Turkish TV broadcasts documentaries about penguins. Backward Run is a self-censored film criticising this press censorship.

from 'Screen Memory' by Laura Fletcher

from ‘Screen Memory’ by Laura Fletcher

Screen Memory – Laura Fletcher | 5:58 | United States
The story of the filmmaker’s mother’s encounter with the astronaut John Glenn in 1961. The video makes use of found images borrowed from historical books and web pages featuring the NASA space program, as well as more personal family photos. When called upon to decode facts beyond documents and archival materials in order to construct a reality, fantasy inevitably slips in, spills in, or overlaps uncannily with facts. By portraying a particular historical moment in this work, memory and agency can be negotiated to offer renewed possibility for connection with our pasts, even as they calibrate, realign, and transform our current realities.

from 'A Comprehensive Survey of Historical Plaques in Shoreditch, East London' by  Jack Wormell

from ‘A Comprehensive Survey of Historical Plaques in Shoreditch, East London’ by Jack Wormell

A Comprehensive Survey of Historical Plaques in Shoreditch, East London – Jack Wormell | 3:00 | Britain
This short video is recommended for any person or persons looking for an introduction to the various historical plaques commemorating figures and events of import in the inner city district of Shoreditch. 

from Run' by Stuart Pound from '

from Run’ by Stuart Pound from ‘

Run – Stuart Pound | 5:00 | Britain
The source clip is from a cult science fiction film and is and turned on its side five times over with a slight time delay. The audio track is cut along with the moving image. Most of the work is high contrast black and white, reverting to the original greenish tint at the end.

from 'We Are Not Amused' by  Vicki Bennett

from ‘We Are Not Amused’ by Vicki Bennett

We Are Not Amused – Vicki Bennett | 3:00 | Britain. Who knows where ideas come from? You or me? Or THEM? The Muses are angry and they want their ideas back! This is a story of thieving and re-appropriation, staged on a mythological platform.

from 'Cape Mongo Plastic' by Francois Knoetze

from ‘Cape Mongo Plastic’ by Francois Knoetze

Cape Mongo Plastic – Francois Knoetze | 5:00 | South Africa
Characters are followed as they journey through the city of Cape Town. Each ‘Mongo’ character is made from the city’s discarded waste – mythical ‘trash creatures’ which have emerged from the growing dumps of consumer culture. The creatures revisit the spaces of their imagined pasts – the locations associated with their material existence and the constitution of their social relations – as if walking against the consumer-driven currents of city.

from 'I Love You' by Daniel Watkins

from ‘I Love You’ by Daniel Watkins

I Love You – Daniel Watkins | 2:29 | United States
More so than photographing the subject into nothingness, the camera here reassembles its subject with every repetition allowing the image to constantly redefine itself while simultaneously heading down path towards the undefinable. Without filtration or synthesizers, I Love You uses re-photography to create several generations of the same small clip reducing a cultural artifact into an abstraction of sound and image.

from 'Terry's Last Intern' by Hannah Ford

from ‘Terry’s Last Intern’ by Hannah Ford

Terry’s last Intern – Hannah Ford | 3:16 | Britain
Terry Richardson’s ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video sparked a media onslaught of open letters and feminist debates concerning whether Miley Cyrus’ nudity was empowering or victimising.

from 'Scan me / Milk me' by   Harrison Banfield

from ‘Scan me / Milk me’ by Harrison Banfield

Scan me / Milk me – Harrison Banfield | 0:43 | Britain
A short experimental film created through the digital manipulation of found footage and audio. It explores the inherent violence associated with medical procedures.

from 'The Evil Table' by  Molly Brown

from ‘The Evil Table’ by Molly Brown

The Evil Table – Molly Brown | 5:35 | Britain
As the police investigate an incident at a gangster’s birthday party, witnesses tell of having seen a supposedly mythical creature, The Evil Table. But does The Evil Table really exist?

from 'Run Manila Run' by MV Isip

from ‘Run Manila Run’ by MV Isip

Run Manila Run – MV Isip | 2:50 | Philippines
Based on Chubbs Bustamante’s piece on the romanticized middle class perspective of poverty, Run Manila Run is a digital mixed media videopoem in collaboration with 18 Filipino artists. It attempts to recreate the experience of an artwork one cannot fully grasp at first, but continues to generate new meaning with each viewing.

from 'The 400 Breathless Blows of Jules and Jim' by Molly Brown

from ‘The 400 Breathless Blows of Jules and Jim’ by Molly Brown

The 400 Breathless Blows of Jules and Jim – Molly Brown | 3:26 | Britain
A tribute to the French New Wave films of the late 1950s/early 1960s, compiled from a combination of public domain and stock footage.

from 'Saturn Return' by Ale Bachlechner

from ‘Saturn Return’ by Ale Bachlechner

Saturn Return – Ale Bachlechner | 14:43 | Germany
‘Spiritual self-help video’, written, performed, shot and edited by a two-woman team. In four different chapters, Ale and Olivia take on the roles of themselves, their (ex-)lovers and rivals, and stage dramatic break-ups, moments of goodbye and moral confrontations, partially using the structures and narratives of soap opera. With ever changing costumes and locations, they confuse the notion of consistent gender roles in those relationship dramas. The insecurity about which character is male and which is female, and whose story is told from which perspective is relished. Their bodies and voices become variables that can embody a wide range of meanings. From that position they tackle questions of responsibility, autonomy and identity.




16 Aug Films

7.30pm to 9.30pm (inc. intervals). Screenings in running order.

This night is fully booked.


from 'Dogged'  by Jo Shaw

from ‘Dogged’ by Jo Shaw

Dogged – Jo Shaw | 8:50 | Britain
In a world where Bogeymen roam freely, devouring people randomly and the only creatures they fear are dogs, Olddog tries her best to defend the family home. Does Girl-in-Sack have the determination and savoir-faire to save the day and who or what is the Dog-of-the-Apocalypse?

from 'Als ik de tijd dood pleeg ik (If I Kill Time I Take)' by  Marc Neys

from ‘Als ik de tijd dood pleeg ik (If I Kill Time I Take)’ by Marc Neys

Als ik de tijd dood pleeg ik (If I Kill Time I Take) – Marc Neys (aka SWOON) | Belgium

from 'A Country Pumpkin in the City'  by Molly Brown

from ‘A Country Pumpkin in the City’ by Molly Brown

A Country Pumpkin in the City – Molly Brown | 4:55 | Britain
Mockumentary about a pumpkin-headed scarecrow who becomes an art dealer.

from 'Fragments of a letter to a child unborn'  by Maryam Tafakory

from ‘Fragments of a letter to a child unborn’ by Maryam Tafakory

Fragments of a letter to a child unborn – Maryam Tafakory | 5:00 | Britain
Using gesture and textual fragments, unknown guilt, fear and the strangeness of singular becoming plural are retold as a voiceless, anonymous narrative. Text becomes the body for a hand in an umbilical dilemma, portraying the thoughts of a young woman going through an emotional trauma, facing the taboo of abortion.

from 'Memoires / Memoirs' by  Marc Neys (aka SWOON)

from ‘Memoires / Memoirs’ by Marc Neys (aka SWOON)

Memoires / Memoirs – Marc Neys (aka SWOON) | 3:52 | Belgium
Poetry Film. Words and voice: Paul Snoek. Translation: James S. Holmes. Concept, camera, editing & music: Swoon. Voice Recording: VRT – Flemish Radio- and Television Network. Poem from Gedichten (Tielt/Amsterdam: Atlas, 2006)

from 'The Stream 5' by  Hiroya Sakurai

from ‘The Stream 5’ by  Hiroya Sakurai

The Stream 5 – Hiroya Sakurai | 5:40 | Japan
With the waterway as the theatre, a choreography of water-weeds flows in the water following artificial rules in the man-made rice paddies. Nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state.

from 'I’m Human' by Razan Haikal

from ‘I’m Human’ by Razan Haikal

I’m Human – Razan Haikal | 5:33 | Jordan
An experimental animation film about ‘Ensan’ a Syrian who enters through a world of deep emotions carrying the most valuable belongings in a suitcase.

from 'Cape Mongo - Meta' by  Francois Knoetze

from ‘Cape Mongo – Meta’ by Francois Knoetze

Cape Mongo – Metal, Francois Knoetze | 5:00 | South Africa
Characters are followed as they journey through the city of Cape Town. Each ‘Mongo’ character is made from the city’s discarded waste – mythical ‘trash creatures’ which have emerged from the growing dumps of consumer culture. The creatures revisit the spaces of their imagined pasts – the locations associated with their material existence and the constitution of their social relations – as if walking against the consumer-driven currents of city.

from 'Re:cycled' by James Pomeroy

from ‘Re:cycled’ by James Pomeroy

Re:cycled – James Pomeroy | 5:05 | Canada
An abstract handmade film that is part structuralist/materialist inquiry into the film print as material object and not information bearer made by reusing/recycling/reworking film prints that are not usually seen. It is partially an essay in visual music – a basic vocabulary, established and subjected to various permutations, using repetition, variation and symmetry. The structural approach was inspired by minimalist and serialist musical techniques, specifically Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto.

from 'A Chance Encounter' by Justin PECHBERTY and Samir HAMICHE

from ‘A Chance Encounter’ by Justin PECHBERTY and Samir HAMICHE

A Chance Encounter – Justin Pechberty and Samir Hamiche | 4:00 | France
At a street corner in Paris, a young man bumps into himself ten years older.

from 'Mr Snugles' by Richard Anthony Dunford

from ‘Mr Snugles’ by Richard Anthony Dunford

Mr Snuggles – Richard Anthony Dunford | 2:00 | Britain
A stuffed toy can’t wait to meet his new owner.

from 'Ghostly' by Maxime Corbeil-Perron

from ‘Ghostly’ by Maxime Corbeil-Perron

Ghostly – Maxime Corbeil-Perron | 6.40 | Canada
Inspired by japanese experimental cinema, Ghostly is a stop-motion animated short film that explores the movement of shadows and lights across space, frame-by-frame.

from 'The . & co' by Elsa Philippe

from ‘The . & co’ by Elsa Philippe

The . & co – Elsa Philippe | 10:00 | Britain
Following the journey of an average citizen in a bureaucratic-futuristic setting filled with hightech technology beside a smutty aesthetic.

from 'Date At Tate' by Molly Brown

from ‘Date At Tate’ by Molly Brown

Date At Tate – Molly Brown | 2:07 | Britain
An amusing animation made for the Tate Britain ‘Housewarming Weekend’ launching the chronological rehang of Tate Britain’s British Art Collection.




17 Aug Sound

Film soundtrack and projection night.

7.30pm to 11pm – Free – All welcome.

Mixing it up from the eclectic Usurp vinyl collection of film soundtracks and spoken word with projections on the shop front of a selection from the exhibition screenings.





14 – 17 Aug Exhibition

Multiple screen exhibition – Free – 3pm to 6pm every day

In darkness, the aura flickers and an immersive sonic environment is created for a visual and aural extra sensory experience. Exploring avant-garde filmmaking, hand crafted cinema techniques and a cacophonous post-internet art style, this ambitious exhibition presents some of the best of international current image making.


from 'Against' by Sally Waterman

from ‘Against’ by Sally Waterman

Against – Sally Waterman | 5:00 | Britain. Playing with the perception of family memory through a series of repetitive gestures, performed by the artist in response to Donna Mckevitt’s musical score, ‘Translucence’, based on Derek Jarman’s writing. The desire for attachment is implied as Waterman attempts to embody the projected images she took of her grandmother, just before she died twenty years ago.

fron 'Avalanche' by Michael Fleming

fron ‘Avalanche’ by Michael Fleming

Avalanche – Michael Fleming | 10:00 | Britain. An experimental, hand manipulated, found-footage, cameraless 35mm celluloid collage film about the perpetual image flood we receive daily. Loaded with iconographic images of consumerism and amusement. The film releases an overflow of our own popular culture to the viewer.

from 'Behind the screen' by  Saravana Selvam

from ‘Behind the screen’ by Saravana Selvam

Behind the screen – Saravana Selvam | 7:28 | India.  An experimental short film about the human evolution from stone age to atomic age.

from 'Ben' by  Kuesti Fraun

from ‘Ben’ by Kuesti Fraun

Ben – Kuesti Fraun | 1:00 | Germany. About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life…

from 'Cablewall' by Shunsaku Hayashi

from ‘Cablewall’ by Shunsaku Hayashi

Cablewall – Shunsaku Hayashi | 6:00 | Britain. Webs of cables covering over where men lives create a human territorial space, the webs divide civilized and uncivilized beings.

from 'Can We Dance for Me?' by Onyeka Igwe

from ‘Can We Dance for Me?’ by Onyeka Igwe

Can We Dance for Me? – Onyeka Igwe | 4:18 | Britain. A screendance piece, exploring internal understandings of the self through movement.

from 'Catalysts and Aftershocks' by  Jessica J Giacobbe

from ‘Catalysts and Aftershocks’ by Jessica J Giacobbe

Catalysts and Aftershocks – Jessica J Giacobbe | 4:40 | United States. Memory induced explorations of places not weighted with nostalgia because they still contain great potential for discovery.

from 'Circuit Bent Megadrive Rewire by Psychiceyeclix' by

from ‘Circuit Bent Megadrive Rewire by Psychiceyeclix’ by Damian Lintell Smith

Circuit Bent Megadrive Rewire by Psychiceyeclix – Damian Lintell-Smith | 3:59 | Britain. Mutated audio and visuals produced simultaneously using circuit bent Megadrive video game consoles.

from 'Disciplinary Institutions' by  Melanie Menard

from ‘Disciplinary Institutions’ by Melanie Menard

Disciplinary Institutions – Melanie Menard | 6:51 | Britain. In ‘Discipline and Punish’, Michel Foucault defines ‘Disciplinary Institutions’ as places where people are made obedient through the preemptive repression of any deviation from the norm. This is an exploration of places used to make undesirable and/or helpless people disappear discretely such as Magdalene convents (used to imprison women), mental asylums (where queer people and gender deviants were subjected to forced ‘treatment’) and workhouses. Long gone inmates keep imprinting these places long after they are dead, and a malevolent aura is cast by those buildings in collective memory.

from 'Dragway' by Adam H. Marchand

from ‘Dragway’ by Adam H. Marchand

Dragway – Adam H. Marchand |5:00 | United States. Ersatz nostalgia inherent in Hot Rod Culture and television. Shot on 35mm with donated film and a borrowed camera filmed at the New England Dragway in Epping, NH. The audio is a collage of sounds culled from pop culture (Happy Days, The Twilight Zone, La Jetée, etc.) and documentary recordings/interviews conducted over years at car shows.

02 Drink Sky On Rabbit's Field (Lost Control)

from ‘Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field’  by Arnont Nongyao

Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control) – Arnont Nongyao | 6:55 | Thailand All things link to rational and un-rational.

from 'Escrituras by Scott Fitzpatrick

from ‘Escrituras by Scott Fitzpatrick

Escrituras – Scott Fitzpatrick | 2:48 | Canada. “In order to achieve abstraction, I thought it was important to find a graphic system that would allow me to codify a reality rather than represent it.” An imitation of Jesús Rafael Soto’s kinetic op-art sculpture of the same name, laser printed onto recycled 16mm film in 2015 (double-sided). Escrituras is a cameraless animation that seeks to dazzle your eyes and damage your speakers.

from 'Everything makes love with the silence' by  Hernán Talavera

from ‘Everything makes love with the silence’ by Hernán Talavera

Everything makes love with the silence – Hernán Talavera | 2:24 | Spain. An incursion into Alejandra Pizarnik’s dark world through the amateur silent cinema. On September 25th, 1972, at the age of 36, the poet ended her life by taking an overdose of Secobarbital sodium during a weekend leave pass from Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital. Now, Pizarnik is considered one of the most important lyrical and surrealistic poets in Argentina. The film comes interweaves three of her short poems, confronting words and silence, light and obscurity.

from 'Eye of the Dawn Lost found' by Nazare Soares

from ‘Eye of the Dawn Lost found’ by Nazare Soares

Eye of the Dawn Lost found – Nazare Soares | 8:21 | Britain. An exploration into the legendary Mata Hari, the exotic dancer shot as an alleged double agent a year before the end of WW1. Taking as a starting point the fact that there is no footage in existence of Mata Hari in motion, and the fact that she was first and foremost known as a dancer, creating this ‘lost’ footage using a 16mm camera is a step towards a creation of a ghost of Mata Hari all these years later. This experimental short documentary is a collaboration between moving image artist Nazare Soares and performer Sarah Saeed.

from 'Fag' by Scott Fitzpatrick

from ‘Fag’ by Scott Fitzpatrick

Fag – Scott Fitzpatrick | 4:45 | Canada. “Really, when it comes to gay rights, there’s two wars going on. The first war is political, but the culture war is over.” – Dan Savage. How do you transgress in 2015? Don’t bother. A personal Venn diagram, a conceptual cobbling together of interests and identifiers, a sound and animation experiment rendered in all 260 fonts on a MacBook.

from 'Familiar Taste: A Prayer' by Karl Waugh

from ‘Familiar Taste: A Prayer’ by Karl Waugh

Familiar Taste: A Prayer – Karl M.V. Waugh | 9:50 | Britain. An hypnotic, psychedelic, visually abstract journey, rewarding concentration and giving the viewer subtly distinct audio affects depending on the exact concentration of vision, paired to an equally hypnotic drone soundtrack.

from 'Ferry Passing' by Eisuke Yanagisawa

from ‘Ferry Passing’ by Eisuke Yanagisawa

Ferry Passing – Eisuke Yanagisawa | 5:32 | Japan. This one shot film focuses on the interaction between nature and objects around the small uninhabited island in Japan. All the sounds of this film are unprocessed field recordings using an Aeolian Harp of made by the filmmaker and installed on the island.

from 'Framestorm' by James Pomeroy

from ‘Framestorm’ by James Pomeroy

Framestorm – James Pomeroy | 3:05 | Canada. Shot frame by frame on super 8 using a pixilation of surfaces technique. Using coloured signs as a source material – the camera, frame by frame, jumps wildly or orderly,as the case maybe, over surfaces, creating a sense of movement from motionless material. It is an experiment in colour, rhythm and movement. It is also an experiment in total improvisation, inspired by the Free Jazz compositions of Ornette Coleman. Besides the single frame technique, the variations on a theme approach to each brief segment and a decided presence for primary colours, everything else about the film, both content and technique, was chosen on the spot and improvised upon.

from 'Garden of Stone' by Sasha Waters Freyer

from ‘Garden of Stone’ by Sasha Waters Freyer

Garden of Stone – Sasha Waters Freyer | 4:15 | United States. A kaleidoscope of sights and sounds from Noto, Sicily, known as the Garden of Stone in honor of its baroque architecture – an experimental love letter to early Peter Greenaway in three rhythmic intervals.

from 'Ghost House' by Melanie Menard

from ‘Ghost House’ by Melanie Menard

Ghost House – Melanie Menard | 5:09 | Britain. Shot at several abandoned houses in Ireland, whose last occupants probably left 10 to 30 years ago. Traces of their lives, aspirations, and the disillusions and hardships that made them leave their homeland, remained in the form of scattered personal belongings.

from 'Gridlock' by Morgen Christie

from ‘Gridlock’ by Morgen Christie

Gridlock – Morgen Christie | 1.37 | United States. Flashing graphics.

from 'Int' by Gabriel Rud

from ‘Int’ by Gabriel Rud

Int – Gabriel Rud | 00:38 | Argentina. Sphere, white, ink, motion, sound.

from 'L'envol' by Hajime KIMURA

from ‘L’envol’ by Hajime KIMURA

L’envol – Hajime Kimura | 4:00 | France. The bird in its cage dreams of clouds

from 'Let Me ASMR You' by Clint Enns

from ‘Let Me ASMR You’ by Clint Enns

Let Me ASMR You – Clint Enns | 2.20 | Canada. Rhythm study using ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) inducing sounds from videos found on You Tube.

from 'MISt' by Allan Brown

from ‘MISt’ by Allan Brown

MISt – Allan Brown | 4:55 | Canada. For the better part of the 20th century the rivière St. Maurice in Quebec was considered one of the most polluted rivers in Canada; the most toxic concentration of which went through the 42m falls in the city of Shawinigan. Here, we see the falls and the mist with a vocal mix oscillating between a Greek chorus and a school for ‘chemistry as a second language’ listing a small portion of the toxic or benign chemicals, end products, by products and other compounds that may or may not have made their way into the river, but nonetheless contributed to the river’s noxious reputation.

from 'Mme Andalou' by Aline Helmcke

from ‘Mme Andalou’ by Aline Helmcke

Mme Andalou – Aline Helmcke |2:16 | Germany. Interacting hands and eyes – this is what it needs to animate a drawing. Through repetition and deliberate successive alternations, it is being set in motion. Without the intention of change or succession, the motive will change in an individual, unintended way when drawn repeatedly. Now the drawing leads the animator. Here, hands move across the face of a lady and seem to awaken it.

from 'Nonobjective Cinema' Blanca Rego

from ‘Nonobjective Cinema’ Blanca Rego

Nonobjective Cinema – Blanca Rego |2:15 | Spain. A homage to ‘Color Sequence’ (1943) by Dwinell Grant, a research into color rhythms and perceptual phenomena. Images were generated from Grant’s film through a data bending process. The soundtrack was composed from the same files saved as audio, so what you see is what you hear.

from 'Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat)' by Mauricio Sanhueza

from ‘Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat)’ by Mauricio Sanhueza

Nyan Cat (Psycho Cat) – Mauricio Sanhueza | 1:52 | Peru. This is a psycho version of the mainstream icon named Nyan Cat. In a sarcastic way is a remix between this rainbow farting cat with slasher films and some human rights statements audio by many presidents around the world on 2014.

from 'Parallel Botanies' by Shunsaku Hayashi

from ‘Parallel Botanies’ by Shunsaku Hayashi

Parallel Botanies – Shunsaku Hayashi | 9:59 | Britain. The form of a chimney follows its function. Modern houses have still kept chimneys for exterior decoration, even though they no longer work. Would the loss of one’s function profoundly be the loss of itself? The film focuses on the ambiguity of internal presence and the autonomy of the representation over it; what can a skeuomorphic form represent, and is it still itself?

from 'Picture Particles' by Thorsten Fleisch

from ‘Picture Particles’ by Thorsten Fleisch

Picture Particles – Thorsten Fleisch | 5:45 | Germany. Individual elements from a carrier of visual information have been isolated to construct alternative visual reagents. Repetition (in space and in time [and in moderation]) is administered as a binder to tame the wild particles in motion, evoking a golden ratio of the mind’s eye.

from 'Portrait of Cecilia' Maura Wendelken

from ‘Portrait of Cecilia’ Maura Wendelken

Portrait of Cecilia – Maura Wendelken | 4:45 | United States. “A portrait of my daughter, Cecilia. The camera works as my eye, looking to her in her childhood. I look to her with the delicate balance between the intimacy of knowing and the distance of being the observer.”

from 'Post-Panoptic Gazing' by Michael Wood

from ‘Post-Panoptic Gazing’ by Michael Wood

Post-Panoptic Gazing – Michael Wood | 10:00 | United States. There is a syrup tasting carnivorous urge to conquer sexual ineptitude in overbearing glances and center the camera in the infinite void of consensual reflections of nothingness. But you will dance unlike you have ever danced before, with threads of everthing you know repackaged in metastatic digital packets of data rapidly going nowhere, blinking quickly into things outside the periphery of consciousness and knowledge towards digital sickness which thirsts for absolution. Not even the rabid gnashing of your teeth can escape the banal. Better to grin at the costumes floating about and accept the perpetual Post-Panoptic suspension.

from 'Shhh' by Alice Boutell

from ‘Shhh’ by Alice Boutell

Shhh – Alice Boutell | 2:49 | France
Sand animation Poetry film – poem by Helen Jaeger, Voice by Chris Rose

from 'Stillness' by Aline Helmcke

from ‘Stillness’ by Aline Helmcke

Stillness – Aline Helmcke | 5:08 | Germany. A reportage photo of the daily news is constantly being drawn over and over again. Through the process of repetitive action and even without the intention of change or succession, the motive alters in an individual way. Over time, it looses its representational character almost unnoticeably. Instead, lines, dots and the distribution of white and black planes become the dominant elements.

from 'Tape Loading Error' by Sandra Araújo

from ‘Tape Loading Error’ by Sandra Araújo

Tape Loading Error – Sandra Araújo | 2:00 | Portugal
Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritte’s surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.

from 'he Rapture' by Michael Fleming

from ‘he Rapture’ by Michael Fleming

The Rapture – Michael Fleming | 5:00 | Britain. A pulsating image bombardment about our pursuit to happiness and freedom of fear. A frame by frame hand manipulated 35mm celluloid collage film. The found footage is nourished by photo stills that were taken from various magazines, distorted and deformed. The surplus of images contain more than could be mentally processed and emphasizes our insatiable hunger to perpetual happiness.

from 'Those Drawn Alive' by Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

from ‘Those Drawn Alive’ by Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Those Drawn Alive – Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara | 6:20 | Finland. “Every autumn I get heavily moody. This is caused by the loss of the light. Last summer I heard a tune on the radio, called ‘The House of the Rising Sun’. At once I was on a wintery road, in very low light, having an impossible opponent against me – Lee Van Cleef.”

from 'Trapped Between Frames' by Nazare Soares

from ‘Trapped Between Frames’ by Nazare Soares

Trapped Between Frames – Nazare Soares | 9:51 | Britain. A human silhouette walks trapped between the frames of stereoscopic cave and woods scenarios. The historic character trapped between frames is Amaterasu – Japanese mythology refers to her as the sun goddess. The film is named after one of the hexagrams from the I Ching, the ancient book of change, an oracle in Taoist philosophies. The film is taken from ‘Ming I Darkening of the Light’, a stereoscopic film installation inspired by a pre-cinematic stereoscopic display, The Kaiser-Panorama made in 1883 by August Fuhrmann. Made in collaboration with sound artists,Laila Hansen and Andrew Stuart-Buttle.

from 'Untitled (Translation 1)' by Graham Dunning

from ‘Untitled (Translation 1)’ by Graham Dunning

Untitled (Translation 1) – Graham Dunning | 8.44 | Britain. Using multiple layers of audio and video to create a hypnotic, spiralling montage, evoking a dystopian dream sequence or meditative state. This is part of a series of Video Drone work: layered footage of looping events, collage, reflections, optical effects, ‘sampled’ video and analogue treatments. The audio is from the filmmaker’s ‘Music By The Metre’ project: automated music made from tape loops, stuck records, analogue synth and environmental sound.

from 'Within' by  Natália Azevedo Andrade

from ‘Within’ by Natália Azevedo Andrade

Within – Natália Azevedo Andrade | 3:00 | Portugal. A dancer loses her rhythm. An expedition through the interior of fear, guilt and shame.

from 'You won't come back' by  Hernán Talavera

from ‘You won’t come back’ by Hernán Talavera

You won’t come back – Hernán Talavera | 3:30 | Spain. From a poem by Alfonsina Storni, from his book ‘Poems of Love’ written in 1926 immediately after an unhappy love affair. In the beginning of the book, the poet warns: “These poems are simple phrases of love states written in a few days, some time ago. This small work is neither a literary work nor claims it”.  After ‘Poems of  Love’, Storni kept silent for nine years.